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I am an SEO analyst for the last 2 years. I have done SEO for hundreds of articles and many websites too. I love the magic of SEO. I have command of Javascript SEO and that’s a pretty rare skill in the market now.

⚪ Content Writing

I have written hundreds of articles for many agencies, companies, and my website too. I am also a freelance content writer in Saas and the academic niche.

⚪ WordPress design and development

I have developed and redesigned my websites multiple times and that’s how I have practiced WordPress design. I have also designed WordPress websites for a bunch of people out there.

⚪ Social Media Marketing

The ad campaign, Fb campaigns, Backlink Building, Traffic campaign, Analytics, and console management.  

WordPress Website Service

1) SEO analyst 2) Web developer 3) Social Media Marketing Services 4) Content writing 5) WordPress Management  
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